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Sponsorship Opportunities


Please find our sponsorship options here. Just contact us for a personal conversation about these and more options. THANK you very much for your engagement.

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Why Become A Sponsor?

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  • Put your brand in the spotlight and gain exposure at the 1st DbI Africa Conference, taking place May 12-14, 2022 . This event will attract delegates and professionals from all over the world.
  • Most of the people living with deafblindness who would greatly benefit from attending the DbI Africa Conference are unable to afford to attend
  • Our sponsorship packages are carefully designed to be ideal tools to optimize your presence at DbI Africa Conference and provide your brand with premium visibility within a significant timeframe pre, during and post event.
  • Differentiate your brand and stand out from the crowd with the tailored benefits that our versatile sponsorship packages provide developed for both live and in-person experience.

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Sponsorship Packages

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Gold Sponsorship

Naming rights throughout the conference and program
Gala Dinner Sponsorship
Major signage at the Gala event
Booth at Tradeshow
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Silver Sponsorship (2 Opportunities)

Conference Lunch Sponsor or Welcome/ Cocktail Social Sponsor
Signage at one of the sponsored receptions
Mention in conference program
Booth at Tradeshow
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Bronze Sponsorship

Mention in the conference program distributed in print or electronically to all participants
Logo printed on conference bags
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In-Kind Donations

General contribution to offset the Conference costs.
Insert flyer into delegate bags
Mention in conference program
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Kenya Community Sponsorship

$50 - $100
Will be listed as Conference donors in conference program
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Benefits of Becoming A Sponsor?

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  • Create business partnerships with industry stakeholders.
  • Increase awareness in a highly targeted market.
  • Connect with industry professionals face to face or through a virtual platform.
  • Build relationships that could lead to future business.
  • Launch and demonstrate new products and services.
  • Build awareness among teachers and other members on joint efforts to mitigate deafblindness in Africa.
  • Enjoy an active marketing presence pre, during, and post-event.